We created PassivPod to meet the requirements of our dream ecolodge: its original inspiration was a competition to design a zero-carbon lakeside holiday home. This post explains why PassivPod is the ideal luxury ecolodge or holiday home

PassivPod’s eco credentials

PassivPods are made of sustainable natural materials and use passive solar, solar power and a wood stove to be zero carbon in operation. The pods include renewable energy technologies to provide power and utilise water conservation methods and rainwater harvesting so they can be entirely off-grid, so your holiday isn’t placing undue stress on local resources and making them ideal for rural hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, their construction will bring sustainable development, jobs and income to often-disadvantaged rural areas.


Their biophilic design blends seamlessly into a natural landscape, meaning they’re perfect for sensitive sites and making it easier to get planning approval in protected natural areas as they are ecologically sensitive.

The PassivPod luxury ecolodge provides a healthy and comfortable living environment in all seasons and also offers extremely low running costs due to its exceptional energy efficiency and built-in renewable technologies.

PassivPod’s luxury credentials

The interiors of the luxury ecolodge will be bright, spacious and welcoming, with all habitable rooms enjoying views of the surrounding environment. Four double bedrooms, two bathrooms and ample storage are included upstairs above the living/dining and kitchen areas on the ground floor. Where desired and access routes permit, each PassivPod will also have the option to include a garage-pod for two cars, bicycles and storage etc with a further 1.2kWp roof solar PV array to charge an electric car.

An additional benefit to tourists staying in the luxury ecolodge is the informal organic layout of the dwelling, which compliments an outdoor lifestyle through facilities such as extensive floor-to-ceiling glazing, balcony, hot tub, barbecue and sunken seating. And as well as being used as a luxury ecolodge, PassivPods are perfect as a wellness or yoga retreat or even a visitor centre or park office.

The PassivPod luxury ecolodge

Our vision is for PassivPod luxury ecolodges to be rolled out in remote rural areas, allowing people to have inspiring and comfortable nature-based holidays from a zero-carbon base which enhances rather than degrades the landscape.

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