23.10.18 Guest Post – How wood can help us build a sustainable future

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Going with the grain by New Generation Plantations on Exposure

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24.8.18 What do industry professionals think of PassivPod?

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PassivPod’s Clive and Issi attended a construction industry networking event in Brighton and asked industry professionals about their thoughts on PassivPod. We’ve edited their responses into a short one-minute clip. See what they have to say! PassivPod has been endorsed

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15.8.18 How Government funding could boost the green economy

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How should Government funding best be spent? The energy and sustainability news website explored five worthy areas of Government funding after the announcement that £1bn is going into innovative, green research and development projects across the UK.  Of particular

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18.7.18 Brits inclined to choose manufacturers who use green energy

We all know that green energy is good for the planet, but if you’re a business it’s also good for your profits. A new consumer report commissioned by offshore wind power provider Ørsted shows three quarters of UK customers are more

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25.6.18 New report shows timber frame market set for impressive growth

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A 230-page report by MTW Research – based on 80% of the timber frame market – found construction of timber buildings is set to top 60,000 units with orders exceeding £700m in value in 2018. Interestingly, timber housebuilding is gaining further

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What is biophilic design? And where’s the evidence?

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At PassivPod, we talk a lot about biophilic design and its benefits. But what exactly is biophilic design? And where’s all the evidence that it actually makes a difference? We break down the industry jargon and point out the science:

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