Build with wood

The Government has set ambitious plans to reach net zero in the UK by 2050. It’s clear that there is aspiration across the industry to meet these goals. Sustainable design is championed at industry awards and events, showcasing new environmentally-minded projects.

There is no one-step solution to slowing climate change, every industry needs to make changes, no matter how small. One of the simplest steps the construction sector can take is using more wood.

Using timber contributes to reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere and slowing climate change in three simple ways:

  • by carbon capture in the growing forest carbon sink
  • by carbon capture in the increasing wood product carbon store
  • by substitution for CO2-intensive materials.

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Last year, the Committee on Climate Change stated:

“Using wood in construction to displace high-carbon materials such as cement and steel is one of the most effective ways to use limited biomass resources to mitigate climate change.”

Do you want to tackle climate change in your work and champion a sustainable future? The answer is clear: choose sustainably-sourced wood.

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, Wood CO2ts less.

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