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PassivPod is a unique zero carbon ellipsoid timber frame building powered by renewable energy and built exclusively with natural materials. The biophilic design ensures occupants a healthy environment for living, leisure and learning.

Biophilia brings nature into living space, improving physical and mental wellbeing. This reduces stress and can enhance cognitive abilities by up to 15%. PassivPod has been designed to improve quality of life for homeowners, office-workers, students and teachers.

The modular off-grid design allows fast low-cost build off site for onsite erection within weeks without the environmental damage caused by transporting heavy bricks and mortar. PassivPod technologies have been tested successfully for four years in the home and office of Koru Architects.

The designs have been endorsed by experts in leisure parks, schools, homes, property development, commercial innovation and leading timber manufacturers.

The registered trademark motto is ‘Ahead of a Curve’, with logo and designs being registered to prevent copycats and allow international supply chain licensing.

The two owner Directors Mark Pellant and Clive Bonny have won several awards for eco-design, technology and innovation. They have personally invested over £100,000 in developing this project over the last three years.

HMRC have given advance assurance for SEIS and EIS tax relief.

PassivPod aims to raise £350,000 investment in exchange for 11% of the company share value. Of this budget, £300,000 enables showrooms to be built and £50,000 enables wider international marketing. The business strategy is to accelerate higher financial returns within five years.

Full details of PassivPod products and people are shown on this website. We welcome enquiries from any interested parties.

We will shortly be launching a crowdfunding campaign.

About crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding enables people to buy shares in companies with high growth potential which may grow in value to return higher dividends. These investments offer higher returns as they are higher risk.

Many investors are also motivated to enable a business to develop products and services with responsible, social and environmental benefits for the wider community.

The sellers of shares pay all the platform fees. There are no admin fees to the buyers of shares.

The online crowdfunding platform facilitates the administration of share documents for buyers and sellers. The platform provider also conducts financial and legal due diligence checks on the companies selling shares to ensure their offer claims are validated for accuracy before going online.

People can buy shares online from as little as £10 up to £100,000. Investments are at risk and typically require 3-5 years before returns to shareholders.

Share sellers offering EIS and SEIS (Seed Equity Investment Schemes) are approved by HMRC to enable 30-50% tax relief on initial investments, with full tax exemption on inheritance tax and capital gains tax when sold.