Mission Statement

PassivPod is a new venture set up by Koru Architects and Strategic Management Partners centred on the concept design for a zero-carbon pod-shaped passivhaus that offers comfortable accommodation with an environmental conscience. The PassivPod can have several different applications – for example as a luxury eco-lodge in the leisure industry or as a school classroom or even as a home. Based in Brighton and Hove, the business hopes to eventually expand internationally as the design is applicable to anywhere in the northern or southerly latitudes.

What sets PassivPod apart as an eco-lodge is the combination of environmental sustainability with luxury, comfort and aesthetics. Traditionally, eco-friendly low-impact travel accommodation has offered only basic facilities, although this is changing now with a growing market for eco-luxury solutions. By contrast, luxury accommodation has traditionally been high-carbon with damaging impacts on the surrounding area. PassivPod is zero-carbon, 100% renewable-powered and made from entirely natural materials with a gentle visual impact that blends into the landscape. It also features a light and spacious open-plan living area, four bedrooms, balcony, ensuite bathrooms, wood-stove, a hot tub, barbecue, outside seating and veranda. The field of biophilic design is growing in popularity, due to scientific evidence that connection with nature improves health and wellbeing, creativity and cognition. Biophilic design principles are encapsulated in the PassivPod as the floor-to-ceiling windows, organic shape and natural materials provide a natural immersive experience. As a classroom, these biophilic elements are just as beneficial and the sustainable design itself can also become an educational tool. From an investors’ perspective, PassivPod is a strong investment because it is a physical asset with multiple applications and a wide appeal, within an industry which is expanding. Finally, the leadership brings a complimentary mix of architectural and business expertise.

As a small and growing business, our staff enjoy an informal working environment where self-motivation, autonomy and responsible self-allocation of tasks are valued. Working within a contemporary zero-carbon office provides a constant inspirational reminder of our ethos. The leaders of PassivPod, Mark Pellant and Clive Bonny, are motivated by the wide ranging appeal, the business potential and more than anything the powerful environmental and social impacts the project can have. As PassivPod is designed by the Koru Architects team, naturally the values and mission of the parent company are a big influence on the direction of the new venture, and the commitment of the core team to sustainable design is unwavering.

Beyond the primary goal of designing high-quality incarnations of the PassivPod design and executing their production, our work feeds into our wider vision for a sustainable society. We understand that housing, leisure and education (among other sectors) needs to drastically change course in order to provide a high quality of life within the planet’s limits.

As our contribution to this, PassivPod offers positive impact across the triad of sustainability:

  • Environmental– Reduces carbon emissions and water use, uses all natural materials.
  • Social– Promotes relaxation, health and wellbeing, connection with nature and sociability.
  • Economic– Low running costs and strengthens local rural economies.