UK attitudes to returning to work

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LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index (WCI) has revealed that just under a quarter (24%) of UK workers will willingly return to work as soon as they are allowed to do so. When asked their biggest concerns about returning to their workplace, a whopping 60% said they were worried about exposure to others who don’t take safety guidelines and precautions seriously. This edition of the WCI also looks at confidence levels among UK professionals in relation to their jobs, finances and career outlooks. It found:National confidence is relatively steady at 16 (on a scale from -100 to +100)

  • Professionals working in the Software and IT Services industry are feeling the most confident, followed by Finance and Manufacturing
  • The least confident are those in the NonprofitMedia and Communications and Energy and Mining sectors 
  • New LinkedIn data has revealed how the UK workforce feels about returning to the office or other physical workplaces. Just under a quarter (24%) of UK workers surveyed by LinkedIn said they would willingly return to work as soon as they are allowed to do so. On top of this, 9% said they would return to their workplace because they would feel obligated to do so.

    Emphasising a growing demand for flexible working arrangements, some 16% said they’d willingly return to their place of work, but only a few days a week, in order to minimise the amount of face-to-face interaction they have with others (the likelihood rose to as much as 25% in certain industries). One in five (20%) said they intend to continue working from home until they feel more comfortable being around others in a workplace setting.

    Of course some workers (13% of those we surveyed) typically work from home anyway, while others (18% of our respondents) have been working at their physical workplaces throughout the Covid-19 crisis.
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  • LinkedIn conducted a series of surveys from 1 June to 26 July – gaining 7,071 responses – to find out how the UK workforce feels about returning to work. We asked about the main concerns professionals have in relation to returning to their office or other physical workplace. Here are the results:

    ⚬ Exposure to others who are not taking safety guidelines and precautions seriously (60% of respondents)
    ⚬ Workspaces in close proximity with other co-workers or customers (42%)
    ⚬ My commute to work (34%)
    ⚬ Eating or rest areas in public/shared spaces (28%)
    ⚬ Large meetings/gatherings for work (26%)
    ⚬ Lack of workplace sanitisation/cleanliness (19%)
    ⚬ Lack of protective tools & equipment (eg masks, hand sanitiser) (18%)
    ⚬ Lack of safety guidelines and precautions (from government or employer) (16%)
    ⚬ Lack of support from employer’s sick leave & remote work policies (11%)

    It’s worth noting that 15% said they had no concerns when thinking about a return to their workplace. Read more here:
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